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What is Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine?
2019-12-12 16:35:15

Cryolipolysis, is a method of placing a Cryolipolysis instrument on the surface of the human skin to cool the subcutaneous tissue at low temperatures, allowing fat cells to naturally apoptotic, and excreting it through metabolism to achieve weight loss.

Fatty cells in human subcutaneous tissues are rich in fatty acids and are particularly sensitive to low temperature. After treatment, 20% -30% of fat cells will gradually apoptosis after 6 weeks, dissolve, metabolize, and excrete through metabolism. Fat in the human body during life Cells are fixed, and cryolipolysis can radically reduce the number of fat cells and almost never rebound!

Adipocytes adjacent tissue cells-vascular cells, peripheral nerve cells, melanocytes, fibroblasts, or fat cells with insufficient fat have low sensitivity to low temperature. This difference determines the specific low temperature (0-10 °), fat cells will be inactivated and other tissue cells have no effect, so there are no side effects!

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