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808 Hair Removal Theory
2019-12-12 16:37:14

808 Hair Removal Machine The effective penetration depth of the 808nm wavelength can reach the target target tissue (hair nipples). The appropriate pulse duration guarantees that the target tissue generates sufficient thermal damage and the surrounding tissues are hardly affected; the proper amount of energy density guarantees that the appropriate time Providing a sufficiently strong energy output is sufficient to damage the target tissues while the normal tissues are hardly affected; appropriate epidermal protection measures ensure that the target tissues are sufficiently damaged, while the epidermis is hardly affected, thereby ensuring safety. (More safe and effective than 810nm wavelength) While meeting the above design requirements, the specially designed multi-pulse laser of the Semiconductor-808 hair removal laser series heats the hair follicles to 48 ° C in a mode with a lower energy density and maintains a period of time by sliding the hand tool Time (under 10HZ state) the hair follicles and growing stem cells lose their growth activity, so as to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal.

Laser hair removal is currently the best permanent hair removal method, with advanced technology, good energy intensity and high safety. Many middle and high-end beauty salons are investing in laser hair removal and beauty projects. Among them, the 808 nm laser hair removal instrument is currently the leader in laser hair removal technology and has an absolute market competitive advantage.

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