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The Role and Effect of IPL Machine
2019-12-12 15:56:51

IPL skin rejuvenation is a medical skin rejuvenation service that uses IPL technology / instruments to solve skin problems and improve skin quality at the same time. In recent years, plastic surgery institutions have competed with each other for the "renewal" of skin rejuvenation equipment, and there have been "color light rejuvenation", "composite color light", "E light" ... These seemingly more and more advanced technologies are essentially New integration and upgrade of traditional IPL technology and development of IPL technology and skin rejuvenation equipment.

The first role: suitable for pigmented problems. Heavy pigmentation, pigmentation, freckles, coffee spots, dull complexion, etc. The type that has a color on red vascular pigments can also achieve a good solution.

The second role: because it can stimulate the skin's collagen tissue proliferation, stimulate collagen elasticity. Suitable for large pores, sagging skin, fine wrinkles, and photoaging. It can also be used for hand spots caused by aging.

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