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Emslim body sculpting machine 2 handles electromagnetic building muscle stimulator machine hi-emt emslim neo
2021-11-19 14:44:15

Emslim Machine Technology

The Emslim machine uses highly-focused Electro Magnetic Energy. The energy is the same as in MRI machines but rather that creating images of the body, the device focuses the energy towards our core muscles. Core muscles include the rectus abdominus, the external and internal oblique muscle and the serratus anterior. When focused on the buttock the energy is focused on the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus. Currently, the Emslim machine is used to treat the core, which helps not just in the gym and at the beach but in all facets of your life. A strong core improves posture which reduces neck, back, and shoulder pain and will reduce total body aches and pains as well. These positive effects will help you live your best life both in and out of the gym.


It is important to remember that Emslim technology also reduces fat. As energy is moves into the muscle it passes through the skin and fat and fat is reduce by about 20% in the area.

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