VR 100


The delivered RF energy penetrates deeply into the whole dermis and increased effectively the temperature to accelerate dermis and subcutaneous tissues blood circulations, and to cause immediate contract of collagen tissues and long-term collagen regeneration.


  • Face lifting and contouring
  • Forehead, eye area, mouth, cheeks, jaw line, chin and neck
  • Body tightening
  • Shoulder, back, abdomen, waist, buttocks and (upper) arms
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Neck and face area
  • Acne scars reduction


1) Safety: RF technology measures skin resistance automatically, No energy emit if tip don’t touch skin well.

2) Effective: The combination of single energy output and continuous energy output modes cooperatively reaches ultimate results.

3) Comfortable: RF energy release rate is adjustable, and increase the treatment comfort.

Carefully selected RF energy frequency can greatly reduce stimulation to nerve fiber.

4) Economical: Treatment tips can be used limitless within its lifespan

The equipment has few consumables.


Energy Source Mono-polar / Bi-polar / Tri-polar
RF Output 50W
Frequency 1 ~ 40 MHz
Energy 2 ~ 600 J
Display LCD Touch Screen (Intelligent Operation)
Dimension 38 x 39 x 39 cm
Net Weight 22 kg

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