The energy of Q-switched ND: YAG laser can be absorbed by the blue and black melanin. The melanin will be fragmented so small that they can be metabolized by the lymphatic system or egested out of body. Thus the tattoo or other pigmentations will be removed without damage to the normal tissue. The treatment is safe and convenient without downtime and side effects.


  • Remove pigmentations (Nevus of Ota, coffee spot, age spot, freckle etc)
  • Remove tattoo


1) No scars, no scabs, no marks or damages

2) Selective absorb system, no harm to the normal tissue

3) Instant effect, high customer satisfaction


Laser Type Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser
Working Head 1064nm & 532nm
Pulse Energy 35-40K
Single Pulse 1000mj
Duration (WIDTH) 6ns
Pulse Repetition Rate 1-6Hz,Adjustable
Voltage 500-1000v,Adjustable
Indicator light Ruby indicator
Treatment Area 1mm2 – 7mm2
Display LCD Touch Screen (Intelligent Operation)
Dimension 42 x 24 x 28 cm
Net Weight 16 kg

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