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What is a CO2 Laser?
2019-12-12 15:48:31

We are pleased to offer our patients treatment with a type laser that will change the way traumatic scars, surgical scars and previous burn injuries are treated for years to come. Combining the safety of fractionated laser therapy with the unparalleled efficacy of CO2 fractional treatments, the UltraPulse Encore fractionated CO2 laser is truly revolutionary technology. With this device, microscopically small but deeply penetrating and highly effective CO2 laser "microbeams" rehabilitate scarred tissue and stimulate the body to produce substantial amounts of new, healthier collagen in the skin. This part of the treatment is called “Deep FX”. In addition, most patients also elect to have the surface of their skin treated with a second, more superficial laser pass designed to blend color imperfections and further refine the skin’s texture. Depending on the specific patient’s goals, the Deep FX and Active FX laser passes may be performed alone or in combination with other surgery and scar releases.

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