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Is Fractionhal CO2 Laser Effective for Removing Acne?
2019-12-12 16:44:13

From the point of view of the effect that the Fractionhal CO2 Laser can destroy the original tissue of the skin and promote the regeneration of the skin, the Fractionhal CO2 Laser has a good effect of removing acne.

The reason why theFractionhal CO2 Laser has the effect of removing acne is that the acne pit is the skin cell inflammation leading to the local necrosis of the skin tissue, which causes the scar of the subcutaneous tissue defect, and the new cells of the skin will replace the acne Pits, so the Fractionhal CO2 Laser has a better acne-removing effect.

It is worth mentioning that if there are acne pits, it is best to do non-exfoliative dot matrix laser and exfoliative dot matrix laser. Generally, a two-pronged approach will have a better acne removing effect.

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