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Why is depilation not clean again and again?
2020-07-06 11:07:52

Why is depilation not clean again and again? 

Diode laser hair removal 808nm diode laser Body depilation machine

Structure of hair

Human hair is derived from the ectoderm of the embryo, originated from the primitive epithelial germ (also known as hair germ), and then grows and differentiates into fetal hair.Fetal hair first appears in the hair and face at 4 months of gestation, and spreads all over the body in late pregnancy. After a period of time after birth, the lanugo is replaced by canker hair and final hair. No new hair follicles are formed after birth.

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Diode laser hair removal 808nm diode laser Body depilation machine

The growth cycle of hair

Hair grows from hair follicles, and hair follicles and hair are derived from the hair mother cells in the lower part of the hair bulb. The hair follicle is like a long and thin pocket, opening to the surface of the skin, and the bottom is deep into the dermis and subcutaneous fat layer. The hair follicle can be divided into three layers: inner and outer hair root sheath and connective tissue sheath. The part of hair exposed on the surface of skin is hair stem, which is inside hair follicle and divided into hair root. The lower end of the hair root is expanded like an onion, which is called a hair bulb, and the base of the hair bulb is sunken inward as a dermal papilla. The lower layer of the hair bulb opposite to the dermal papilla is the hair mother material, which is the growth area of hair and hair follicle, in which there are melanocytes. There are abundant blood vessels and nerves in dermal papilla to supply the nutrition and growth of hair.

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      Diode laser hair removal 808nm diode laser Body depilation machine

The growth of hair has periodicity, which can be divided into growth period, regression period and resting period. The growth period of hair is about 85% of all hair, and the growth period of hair is 2-6 years. After entering the retrograde period, the hair ball in the lower part of the hair follicle, including the hair growing part, begins to shrink. The hair no longer grows and becomes loose and easy to fall off; about 1% of the hair is in the degenerative stage; when the hair follicle is in the resting period, the lower part of the hair follicle is completely atrophied, and the hair falls off, and the hair in the resting period accounts for about 14%; the resting period lasts for 3-6 months, and then the hair follicle enters the growth stage, and new hair grows out. Because the hair cycle of each part of the body is slightly different, opt unhairing is aimed at the growth period of hair, cycle alternation takes 1-6 months, and the metabolic cycle of skin needs 28 days, so hair removal needs to be done 4-6 times, once every 30 days.

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